Frequently asked questions

Parent/family frequently asked questions

Are you interested in possibly sending your child to one of our 20 charter public schools?
Here are some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful.

Why should I choose to send my child to a charter public school?

The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools celebrates the successes and valuable learning opportunities charter public
schools provide for many students, but recognizes the decision of whether a traditional or charter public school is best
for a child is a choice left up to each family. Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools.

Our charter public schools provide valuable school choice options to families. Our schools pride themselves on their
unique learning opportunities, collaboration and success. To read more about our individual schools, visit our member directory.

How successful are charter public schools?
Our schools demonstrate success in many ways. Showing strong results on state testing and other measures of success, our schools have shown the importance and impact of achievement and accountability.

Although our charter public schools are a small part of the state’s public education system, we are making large-scale
change. We challenge our students and educators every day with ways to raise the bar on achievement, and help to
improve best practices in public education, to the benefit of all Rhode Island’s students. To review the R.I. Department of Education’s school report cards, click here.

Does each charter public school offer something different?

Our charter public schools appreciate that not all students learn the same. We recognize and value innovative
approaches to education, and our schools thrive off implementing and sharing best practices.

Our 20 schools focus on unique and innovative ways to inspire students and engage families. These efforts help to drive
their individual curriculum, all with different focus areas, including art, sustainability or maritime learning (to name a
few) and create strong school cultures.

Our schools provide a variety of learning opportunities and freedom to pursue countless academic avenues. Interests
differ from student to student, and our schools encourage their diverse passions and skill sets.

What are my child’s chances of getting a spot in a charter public school?

The demand for our schools continues to grow each year. Although the applications exceed the number of students we can
accept, there are equal admission opportunities for all applicants.

By law, each charter public school is required to conduct a blind lottery when the number of applicants exceeds the
number of available spaces. To ensure equal admission opportunities, Rhode Island’s charter public schools hold blind
lotteries on April 1 each year to determine their student bodies for the upcoming school year.
We encourage you to learn more about our schools and apply for admission if you feel a charter public school is the best
option for your child. To learn more about the enrollment process, visit

I’m interested in charter public schools – how do I know which school(s) my son/daughter is eligible to attend?

Our 20 member schools are all public schools and they each serve varying grades, from Pre K to grade 12+. Some schools
serve specific districts and others accept students from across Rhode Island.  To see which communities and grades each
school serves, visit our Member School page.

How do I apply for admission at the school I’m interested in?
Each year, charter schools are open for enrollment in a blind lottery. This year enrollment opened on November 14, 2023 and will run through March 14, 2024. Charter schools are now using a common application, which can be found here. The EnrollRI website has information on the application process and how to apply.

If my child is not chosen during the lottery process, can I re-apply for admission for the following school year?

Absolutely – we encourage you to re-apply. There are also opportunities to join a waitlist. Please visit to learn more.

If I have a son/daughter that is already enrolled in a charter public school, will my other child/children be able to attend as well?

Rhode Island law allows charter public schools to implement sibling admission policies; however, they are not required.
Please check with the school you are interested in to see if they have a sibling admission policy.

Need additional information?

If you need further information regarding the application process, visit  If you need assistance applying, visit this page for contact information.

Stop The Wait, a parent focused organization, is also available for assistance navigating school choice options and the charter application process. Visit their website here.

If you have specific questions regarding the League, please contact us at [email protected].