Never Going Back: An Analysis of Parent Sentiment in Education

The data in this report from the National Alliance for Public Charter School “suggests parents like the freedom to choose the best educational experience for their children. This is true across all races, political ideologies, and geographies. It may be the one thing just about everyone in America can agree on.” Read more here.

“Fiscal Impact” as a Factor in Charter Growth in Rhode Island

This report discusses Rhode Island law on the relevance of public charter schools’ “fiscal impact” on school districts as a basis for limiting charter growth. Following a brief summary of the status of public charter schools and the relevance of their ‘fiscal impact’ under Rhode Island law, this report briefly lists arguments school districts and others make on this basis for resisting charter growth, then outlines a series of affirmative and responsive legal and policy reasons why arguments of this sort should
not generally block charter growth in the state. NAPCS Fiscal Impact Report.

Separating Fact & Fiction: What You Need to Know About Charter Schools

This document from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools addresses some common myths about charter public schools, responding with facts and key research findings. In addition, the Alliance also offers a frequently asked questions document.

Charter Schools – Myths – Facts

“The Health of the Public Charter School Movement – A State-By-State Analysis”

Released by the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools in October 2014, this report provides data about the health of the national public charter school movement along 11 indicators of growth, innovation, and quality. The report focuses on the 26 states that met two criteria: their charter school movement served at least one percent of their public schools students in 2013-14 and they participated in the Center for Research on Education Outcomes’ 2013 National Charter School Study. The report ranks the states, including Rhode Island, from 1 to 26, using a rubric developed with significant input from a wide variety of public charter school stakeholders.
Health of the Movement

2013 Facilities Landscape Report

The Rhode Island League of Charter Schools, in conjunction with the Colorado League of Charter Schools and the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, has released a new report, An Analysis of the Charter School Facility Landscape in Rhode Island, detailing the status of charter public school facilities in our state. The results detailed in the report provide evidence that charter public school students in Rhode Island do not have access to the same sized facilities, facility amenities and/or funding compared to traditional public school students.